7 DIY Jewellery Display Ideas for Home that Combine Function and Beauty

DIY Jewellery Display Ideas - Eshly Jewellery

Sure, you can store your necklaces, bracelets and rings in a jewellery box. But inevitably, too many items collected in one place turns to chaos. Necklaces are lumped together in a knotted pile, earring backs get lost, and the real bummer?  

The real annoyance is that you forget about some cherished pieces of jewellery because they’ve fallen to the bottom of the box-- out of sight, out of mind.  

If you feel like you’re always wearing the same jewellery pieces, it’s probably because you simply can’t see the others in your collection. To avoid this, Eshly Jewellery has come up with 7 practical and ultra-stylish jewellery display ideas for home. 

The best part about creating a display is that the jewellery you’re not wearing becomes your room décor. Your jewellery can add sparkle, personality, colour, and mood to that special corner of your room. Most display ideas are DIY and easy to piece together with things you already have in your home (or from a quick trip to the local second-hand store or DIY shop).

Here Are 7 Easy-to-Make Jewellery Display Ideas:

1.   Fun with Frames

There are so many easy ways to turn a frame into a gorgeous jewellery display. You can repurpose a vintage frame or modern frame by whitewashing it (or spraying it gold) and then lining it with:

  •         Chicken wire
  •         Lace material
  •         Corkboard
  •         Lines of single wires
  •         Old vent screen

 Use a staple gun to attach the textured lining to the back of the frame.  You’ll have an instant earring display! Adding a few hooks (or pushpins) into the top of the textured lining can even make way for necklaces and rings. Check out these earrings by Eshly—they’re sure to look amazing on your ears or in your new frame display! 


Frame your jewellery- Eshly Jewellery

2.   Elegant Tiered Dish Stand

Want a vintage vibe atop your dresser or bathroom countertop? A trip to the second-hand shop could yield some elegant antique bounty (without breaking the bank!). Bring home three ornate tea plates and two short candlesticks for one-of-a-kind DIY jewellery display stands. Glue the candlesticks between the plates as connectors.  Sort your jewellery into the three tiers and admire your organized creation!

Tiered dish display- Eshly Jewellery

3.   Rustic Jewellery Tree

Transform a tree branch from your own backyard into a work of art. This DIY is as easy as choosing a branch and mounting it into a vase atop your dresser or bathroom countertop.

 Plant your jewellery- Eshly Jewellery

Adorning the branches with your colourful, dazzling jewellery will bring a rustic-artsy vibe to your space that suits different design styles including boho and minimalistic modern decor.  The taller boughs can hold necklaces and bracelets while short spires are more suitable for rings and brooches. The tree can grow together with your jewellery collection. Simply add more branches as needed!

4. Lux Natural Stone Jewellery Display Trays

If you want to bring an elegant, luxurious-look to your space, consider marble. Natural stone immediately brings out another dimension to jewellery placed on top of it.  You can go for a marble tray, slab or tile hexagons. Marble tiles are readily available at DIY shops and can be cut down to the shape you want. Lay your jewellery out piece by piece atop the stone slab; this is truly the most elegant way of seeing your collection on display.

Marble slab - Eshly Jewellery

5. Glass Bottles as a Bracelet Display

Have fun with an old wine bottle or glass bottle.  For the wine bottle, drip paint, spray paint or roll it in glitter. If it’s a clear glass bottle, keep it as is. Put your collection of bracelets around the nose of the bottle and voila! You have an instant stylish bracelet display. Browse here for more bracelets by Eshly.

Bottle those bracelets- Eshly Jewellery

6.   Thread Spools

Looking for an easy way to display your jewellery in an organized way? Buy a thread spool holder at any craft store and enjoy this instant solution either mounted on the wall or placed atop a shelf.

Thread spool display - Eshly Jewellery

With so many rows and columns, you can easily organize your jewellery according to size and colour. You can use a few rows as a ring display, a few rows as a bracelet display and a few rows as a necklace display. Genius!

7.   Vintage box ring display

For this DIY ring display, find a small vintage wooden box, a large chunk of foam, and velvet. Simply cut the foam to size then cut rows into the foam with a serated knife. Use the velvet to cover the foam, then press the velvet into the row-cuts with a straight-edged ruler. Place the foam into the wooden box and there you have it- enjoy your new ring display! If your box is feeling a little empty, browse here for more beautiful rings by Eshly.

 Vintage ring display - Eshly Jewellery

Chosen your Jewellery Display Ideas? Now Fill Them Up!

It’s fun to be creative, and it’s even more fun to shop! Now that you’ve found a solution for putting your jewellery on display, it’s time to adorn your display (and yourself!) with some new finds from Eshly.  You can never have too many favorite pieces in your collection!    

Add some sparkle to your display- Eshly Jewellery