Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas That’ll Get the Oohs and Ahs

Top 10 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas - Eshly Jewellery

You’ve finally decided on a gift and done the legwork to get it home. Now comes the wrapping. Whether it’s a Christmas gift for your loved one or a thank you gift for your child’s teacher, a well-wrapped present always makes it more meaningful. 

It’s easy to just bag a gift with a little tissue paper. Why not make the extra effort to take it up a notch? Learning how to wrap a gift is an easy, worthwhile investment. If you have a little more time to get creative, just raid your craft closet for a minute - you can make your gift look truly special and Pinterest-worthy.

Well-wrapped presents can make a stand-out first impression on your friends and family, add to the anticipation and excitement of the holiday, or become part of the festive décor. You can also wrap those gifts to show off your creativity or make a semi-dull gift stand out.

That’s right. Just as you decorate your home for festivities with balloons, cakes, streamers for birthdays, or wreaths, twinkling lights and stockings for Christmas, don’t forget that your gift wrap can be part of décor. It sets the tone for your holiday.

And lastly, what’s better than watching friends and family savour a gift? Because stand-out gift wraps are lovely to look at, folks may even take extra time opening their gifts, rather than tearing right into them. 

If you’re looking for gift-wrapping inspiration, Eshly Jewellery has curated several easy-to-recreate projects that will ensure your gift looks dazzling. Keep reading for 10 creative gift wrapping ideas - textiles, ribbons, fresh flowers, and all.

10 Gift Wrapping Ideas with the Wow-Factor

Say it with Fresh Flowers

For a last-minute, but truly special touch, clip some fresh flowers, and tuck them into a web of ribbon or twine. If you don’t have fresh flowers, just run outside, and clip some sprigs or gather some pinecones. Attaching these to a little twine can create something super-sophisticated.

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Birthday Newspaper Nostalgia

If you’re looking for how to wrap a gift in a creative way, here’s a show-stopping birthday gift idea. Wrap the gift in a newspaper from the day the recipient was born (you can print out a copy from online newspaper archives). They will cherish the gift and no-doubt marvel at the cool wrapping.

Newspaper wrap - Eshly Jewellery

DIY Stamp Fun

Turn plain white or brown kraft paper into gift-wrap by using stamps. Whether you use store-bought stamps or carve seasonal shapes from potatoes, one thing is for sure: it's an easy DIY gift wrapping idea that can transform any gift to next-level awesome.

Elegant Hand-Lettered Paper

If you have good handwriting skills, modern calligraphy looks super-elegant and artsy on brown kraft paper. If you don’t have a calligraphy pen, just use a Sharpie. This wrapping is one they won’t be tearing into—rather, they’ll reserve this for safekeeping right alongside their gift.

Lovely Lace with Tissue

For a gorgeous, feminine flair, layer jewel-toned tissue paper with lace, then add a coordinating satin ribbon. If you don’t have lace, go for cellophane. This is a winner amongst the gift wrapping with cellophane ideas and instantly breathes life into any plain tissue paper wrap.

Simple and Chic: Black Satin Ribbon

Want chic? Black may not be the first colour that comes to mind when you think of festive gift wrap, but a simple black satin ribbon (or any dark hue) looks surprisingly sophisticated paired with brown kraft paper.

Ribbons and Big Bows for the Win

There are hundreds of different ribbons out there to choose from. Each can completely change the look of your gift. Thick, luxurious ribbon will take centre stage on your gift, whereas narrow ribbon will add a pretty detail to your gift without taking away from your wrapping paper. Layering different styles of ribbon adds a playful touch. Why not match up satin ribbons in different thicknesses with coloured twine for a multidimensional effect?

ribbons and bows - Eshly Jewellery

After you’ve learned how to wrap a gift, let’s tackle the bow. Look here for DIY bow tutorials - an exquisitely made bow is nothing short of a work of art. These gift wrapping ribbon techniques are perfect for adding wonderment to any gift.

Layer with Cool Cut-Outs

For an impressive, layered DIY look, paste cut-out shapes on top of your wrapping paper. You can use seasonally inspired punch tools to cut out shapes like snowflakes, reindeer, and ornaments (for Christmas) or even hearts, bears, balloons, butterflies, birds, polka dots (anything really). The sky’s the limit.

Sheet Music-So Meaningful

Do you share a favourite song with the person you’re gifting? Whether it be a piece of music with nostalgia or a message you want to express, using sheet music is one of the creative gift wrapping ideas we’re gifting you with today. Simply download and print the song of your choice. Pair the beautiful black and white notes with a coloured ribbon for an elegant gift they’ll remember.

sheet music - Eshly Jewellery

Not Your Grandmother’s Doilies

No, doilies are not just for Valentine's Day and grandmothers. Doilies are great for adding an easy vintage-vibe to any plain brown kraft paper. The lace-like paper comes in a variety of shades and patterns that work well for a quick DIY that we promise will make your wrapping paper uniquely stand-out.

Gifts to be Gift-Wrapped

Now that we’ve helped you elevate your present-wrapping endeavours, browse our collection of gorgeous jewellery at Eshly. You’ll find the perfect gift to go into your wrapping. After all, you want your presents to look as great on the inside as they do on the outside.  

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