Guide to How to Measure Your Ring Size

Guide to measuring ring size at home - Eshly Jewellery

Treating yourself or someone else to a new ring?  Better make sure it fits! After putting so much effort into finding the perfect ring, it’s super disappointing when it’s either too tight or too loose. There is no taking chances when it comes to ring sizes. 

If you don’t already know the size of the person you’re shopping for, be it yourself or someone else, figuring it out can seem difficult. But Eshly Jewellery has put together a simple guide with two methods to finding the accurate ring size so your ring purchase will never be a source of regret or disappointment.

Measure Your Finger and Use a Ring Size Chart:

Here are three steps to finding the circumference of your finger and comparing it to our ring size chart.

  1. Wrap a strip of paper around the base of your finger. Aim for a strip of paper that about ¾ inches wide and 4 inches long. Don’t pull too tight or let it go too loose. Make sure the paper feels comfortable.
  2. With a pen, mark the point where the ends meet.
  3. Measure the strip of paper from the end to the point you marked with the pen in millimetres with a ruler. This is your circumference.

Choose the closest corresponding ring size to your circumference on the chart below to find your ring size. If you’re not familiar with ring size charts, here’s a helpful bit of information: Ring sizes in the UK are measured on an alphabetic scale ranging from A to Z+ with half sizes in between - the most common sizes are between I - Z. Here is a ring size chart for the UK:

Ring size chart uk- Eshly Jewellery

Tips for Measuring Your Finger:

  • Your fingers change size over the course of the day. Keep in mind if you're very warm, your fingers will be bigger and if you're cold they'll be smaller. Measuring when you're warm (in the evening, for example) will ensure that the ring will fit all the time. 
  • Ideally measure your finger at least 3 times to ensure your measurement is accurate.
  • Your dominant hand tends to be slightly bigger, so keep this in mind when buying for the left hand. It’s best to measure the correct finger on the correct hand.
  • If your knuckle is much larger than your finger’s base, take two separate measurements of both and choose a size in between. A ring should slide over the knuckle but not be too loose so that it slides around the finger.
  • Keep in mind that unless done by a professional, ring measurements done at home should be used as a guide only. Because DIY ring measurements are not always 100% accurate, further adjustments may be needed for the perfect fit. There are several ideas out there of what to do when a ring doesn’t fit.

Measure a Ring you Already Own

The easiest way to find out your ring size is to measure the inner diameter of a ring you already own:

  1. Measure your ring’s inner diameter in millimetres using a ruler or tape measure.
  1. Using the measurement, check the letter sizing with the UK size chart above.
  1. Alternatively you can download and print this scale ring size guide from Johnsons Jewellers to compare the inner diameter of your ring to the circles in the guide. For your printout to be accurate, just make sure your printer scale is set to ‘100%’ and the ‘fit to page box’ is NOT ticked. 

Tips for measuring a ring you already own:

  • Wider bands have a tighter fit than thinner bands, so when using another ring to assist you with estimating a measurement, pick a ring with a similar width to the ring you are hoping to buy.
  • We may be stating the obvious, but make sure you measure a ring that fits the same finger on the same hand for which you want to buy the new ring. Every finger has a different width.
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    How to Find Out Someone Else’s Ring Size (secretly!)

    If you want to buy a ring for someone else, you’re probably wondering how to find out their ring size. Here are two easy ways:

    • Take a ring they already wear (on the finger and hand for which you want to buy the new ring) and measure the inner diameter or compare the diameter to the circles in this printable guide.
    • Slide a ring that they already wear onto your own finger and mark with a pen where it gets stuck. Measure this circumference in millimetres with a strip of paper and use our ring size chart above to find the corresponding ring size.

    More Tips for Buying the Right Size Ring:

    • When buying rings, if you’re not exactly sure of the size, always stay safe by going slightly larger.
    • Unless you know the exact ring size, be wary of picking a band that has diamonds encrusted all the way round, as these can be difficult or even impossible to re-size.
    • The most common women’s ring size is N ½. The most common men’s ring size is T ½.
    The Right Fit, The Right Colour, The Right Ring for You

    Once you’ve figured out how to measure your ring size, it’s time to find some inspiration by shopping some beautiful rings.

    If you’re not sure what colour metal to get in a ring, here’s a guide to buying jewellery that matches your skin tone. Explore Eshly Jewellery’s expertly crafted rings and choose a ring that will make your hand sparkle in all the right ways.

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