8 Jewellery Trends for Spring/Summer 2022 You Can Shop Now

Jewellery trends for ss22 - Eshly Jewellery

What’s in style this year? If we’ve learned anything from Spring/Summer 2022 runways, it’s this: minimalism is out and maximalism is in. Seems like during the pandemic, fashion went low-key. Fast-forward to now, and you’ll find that fashion’s making up for lost time with eye-catching, outrageous looks. 

Prepping your look for warm weather just got super-fun. This year’s jewellery is going bold, oversized, and colourful. Now’s your chance to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and reinvigorate your style by going for this year’s Spring baubles- you’ll no doubt be treated to an instant mood boost. 

Make some room in your jewellery box and get a head start shopping these 8 playful jewellery trends for Spring 2022. Keep scrolling for Eshly Jewellery’s eye-opening edit where you’ll find everything from trending earrings to popular necklace styles that’ll bring together your warm-weather outfits.

Here are This Year’s Most Popular Spring/Summer Jewellery Trends:

1.   Forever Young

Y2K jewellery trend - Eshly Jewellery

The Y2K revival isn’t going anywhere. Warm weather is the perfect time for nostalgic summer camp-inspired jewellery trends. Y2K jewellery encompasses charms, the plastic, the beads, and the candy-coloured baubles.

Charms come in all sizes and shapes this season- whether you want to add classic stars, hearts and rainbows to your new trend earrings or giant candy-coloured pendants on your necklaces. Brightly coloured cocktail rings are also trending right now, so add a ring or two (or three or four) to your fashionable fingers. You can find baubles in plastic, resin, acrylic, enamel and acetate- it’s all about the fun of mixing and matching.

2.   Cool Collars

Cool collars - Eshly Jewellery

Simple yet bold is the name of the game. Some of the biggest runway designers this year showed us ultra-fresh styling ideas for the collar hoop necklace. It’s one of the Spring jewellery trends that is so bright and lightweight, it adds a punch of pizzaz without weighing you down.

The collar hoop necklace makes for the perfect beach necklace. You can go sleek and metal or colourful and detailed. These necklaces pair well with business wear, eveningwear, and vacation wear. 

3.   Arm Candy

arm cuffs - Eshly Jewellery

Arm cuffs are another nostalgic trend making a comeback from the ‘90s and ‘00s. While some bicep bracelets are crafted to be sleek and minimalistic, others come with an anti-authoritative edge.

Even if cuffs are not going to be your everyday look, it’s fun to try them on vacation with a tank top, strappy summer dress or bathing suit.

4.   Bold Gold

gold chains - Eshly Jewellery

Among the top 2022 jewellery trends are larger-than-life gold links.

This season, the bigger, the better. Try going with oversized gold chains that make a bold statement solo or when layered with other pieces. Some designers integrated stand-out monograms or clasps that enhance the style.


5.   Choose a Choker

choker trends - Eshly Jewellery

Statement chokers are back with a vengeance. If you’ve got a long neck, draw attention upward with the season’s sleekest jewellery trend for bold moods: chokers. Read here about what body shape and neckline looks best in collars and chokers.

Whether with a blazer, beaded sheath, or sweater, these oversize necklaces upgrade every outfit and are made for big statements during cocktail hours or events. You can find them in colourful rhinestones, large chain links, sculpted metal, and some with hanging charms.

6.   Dripping Chains

body chains - Eshly Jewellery

The body chain is too cool. The ancient embellishment of body chains has reappeared throughout fashion history, including more recently in the ’70s and ’00s — and now. There are so many trending gold jewellery designs to choose from right now. The season is ripe. Whether you wear it with clothes or a bathing suit, the delicate body chain can complete any look in the warm seasons.


7.   Blatant Statement Earrings

statement earrings - Eshly Jewellery

This year’s runway had models adorned with vintage-inspired statement earrings. Colourful and oversized, these chandelier and door-knocker pieces give a nod to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Vibrant, juicy coloured gems are the new trend in earrings. They’ll add a pop of colour to any ensemble. Try some megawatt baubles for your next festive night out.


8.   Logomania Rules the Runways

logomania - Eshly Jewellery

Logomania continues to rule the runways, and luxury houses aren’t being subtle in their bold self-promotion. After all, they’re giving fashion superfans what they want: designer logos on their jewellery. Here’s an interesting brief history on the rise and fall of logomania. Monogrammed motifs came back into style a few years ago and is now a Spring/Summer 2022 jewellery trend in the collections of many haute couture designers.

Ignite Your Own Joy

We see from bold gold collars, oversized earrings and pops of bright juicy colour, jewellery is all about maximal fun right now. This is feel-good jewellery, the kind that instantly boosts your spirit and style. Post-pandemic, people want to get dressed up again and wear fun pieces that make them feel happy. I think we can all agree that it’s called jewellery therapy. Go ahead and allow yourself to shop for pieces that ignite the joy in you. Eshly Jewellery’s got you covered; begin exploring here.

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