The Bloke’s Guide to Buying The Perfect Christmas Jewellery Gifts for Her

Guide to perfect Christmas gift for her

If you’re looking for a foolproof gift for any of the women in your life, you can never go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewellery. Gifting jewellery can go a long way in strengthening your relationship. That said, not everyone can afford to buy fine jewellery for their significant other this Christmas. 

Luckily, you can find some of the most stylish but affordable jewellery gifts at Eshly Jewellery. This can take some of the stress off of you (and your bank account). Finding chic Christmas jewellery gifts for her that look anything but cheap is easier than it sounds. At Eshly Jewellery, you’ll find something that no doubt looks super luxe (but is actually affordable). 

Here’s a 6-step guide to getting it right the first time: 

Jewellery shopping can be overwhelming. You’re entering a vast expanse of options and it’s easy to get lost. Just don’t lose sight of your goal: How do I choose a piece she’ll cherish? 

Guide to buying the perfect Christmas gifts for her

The most common mistake men make is to focus on what they like. That’s also the mistake most sales assistants make. 

Keep in mind that jewellery is made to adorn the woman. Jewellery is an extension of her personality

So, before browsing, take a deep breath and remind yourself to neutralize your own whims and fancies. This is about finding the perfect Christmas gift for her


A woman will almost always give you some clue of what she is fond of. Listen to her. Most likely she’ll drop hints or blatantly tell you what she does or does not like. 

When browsing jewellery, you’ll hear her voice get excited when she finds something she wants. Take note as to what it is and return later to buy it. 


Or better yet, look at her. Notice what she wears most. Some women pride themselves on their unique sense of style. Study her and take a look at what she already owns. Then think about whether you could actually see her wearing what you’re thinking of buying for her.

You’ll need to be in full-Sherlock-mode to narrow down these options: 

  • What type of jewellery would she like? Bracelet, necklace, earrings, or ring? Should it be something for everyday or special occasions? 
  • Are we talking white or yellow-toned metal? 
  • Does she go for colored stones, zirconia or pearls? 
  • Would she like a delicate piece or statement piece? 
  • Timeless or trendy? 

If you want to gift her a piece for everyday wear, consider her lifestyle. Is she active? Does she use her hands a lot at work? 


Best friends just have a knack for knowing what she wants. There’s no harm in asking her BFF what she thinks of something you’ve chosen before clicking the BUY NOW button. 

Most likely, you’ll get a straight-up honest answer that will save you in the long run. 

Come up with a few options and ask which one is closest to something she’ll love. Her bestie will set you straight. 


Your gift of jewellery will pull at the heartstrings if it has some personal meaning. This shows you thought a lot about her when buying it. 

Sentimental jewellery is jewellery which carries a story or a memory attached to it. Each time the jewellery is worn, she’ll be reminded of a treasured moment. Perhaps you’ll want to find a piece of jewellery that symbolizes your first date or a shared memory. 

An added perk of choosing a sentimental gift is that if it’s meaningful it doesn’t need to break the bank. So this year you may be able to choose from some really inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for her that she’ll still love.


Still stuck choosing? Here is a selection of popular jewellery this Christmas:

For the woman who prefers casual pearls for her everyday look, this £69 Knot Beaded Pendant Necklace is the perfect way to spice up any outfit! She can throw it on over her favorite blouse and skirt, or pair it with a flowy maxi dress. Or, gift her this £49 Colorful Zircon Pendant Necklace, the perfect Christmas pendant charm. It can be worn on its own or layered with a number of other necklaces for the coolest jewellery look.

If she’s into bracelets, check out this classic CZ Chain Bracelet. It's timeless, and looks so much more expensive than £79. Available in both gold and silver, it will complement any outfit, whether it’s a standard jeans and T-shirt or a party dress. 

Would she love something to elevate her night-out-on-the-town outfit? These Spiral CZ Drop Earrings will add a touch of elegance to any evening outfit, and cost only £69. Or what about these £69 white-toned Hollow Drop Earrings? They have a cut-out detailing and shiny CZ stones for that modern, classy look. The best part? They’re super lightweight and comfortable. 

Top 5 gifts she'll love- Eshly Jewellery

Let’s face it, buying jewellery for someone else is often easier said than done. But with a little forethought and research, you can get it right the first time. Eshly Jewellery is here to help you find that perfect Christmas gift for her. 

Get a head start on your shopping for the season and browse around here to see more of the most beautiful jewellery gifts anyone in your life will love. 

Rest assured, if you implement our 6-Step Guide To Getting it Right the First Time, you’re sure to win her over. She’ll appreciate the effort you put into the relationship and cherish for a lifetime the jewellery you’ve gifted her this Christmas.