The Anniversary Jewellery Guide for Husbands

Anniversary Jewellery Guide for Husbands - Eshly Jewellery

How to select the perfect anniversary jewellery for her

No matter how many years you’ve been married, a gift of jewellery is always a beautiful symbol of love and commitment.   If you have a wedding anniversary coming up, make it even more memorable by using this Eshly Jewellery guide for some excellent anniversary jewellery ideas for her. We’ll guide you through the different types of jewellery and their symbolism within a marriage. If it’s a milestone anniversary, keep scrolling for some enlightening gift inspiration rooted in tradition.

What kind of jewellery should you give?

If you want to buy your wife something she’ll cherish forever, jewellery is always the right choice. It is the absolute fail-safe gift. Anniversary jewellery can be anything from a ring to a necklace, to a bracelet, to earrings. Figuring out what kind of jewellery to gift your wife will take a little bit of detective work on your part. Make sure to pay attention to what your wife likes to wear and what kind of piece she’d appreciate most. And style! Try figuring out her style by asking yourself which of these style descriptions fits her taste best?

  • Bold and modern
  • Trendy
  • Vintage
  • Delicate
  • Sparkling and glamorous
  • Silver, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold
  • Casual and bohemian
  • Personalized or sentimental
  • Studs, dangling earrings or hoops
  • Gemstones or pearls

Anniversary Rings

stackable ring - Eshly Jewellery

In celebrating another year together, why not gift her with another ring? The eternity band symbolizes your eternal love for her. It can complement her engagement ring and be a sparkling addition to her bridal ring stack or she can even rock it solo as a statement piece. Explore this classic zircon stacking ring- it will dazzle up a storm.


Anniversary Necklaces

solitaire set - Eshly Jewellery

A necklace is a classic anniversary gift, as the options are almost limitless. It’s something she can wear every day. A pendant in the shape of a heart or infinity sign makes for a meaningful gift. A more timeless choice would be a diamond solitaire pendant. This zircon solitaire necklace and earring set brings a modern twist to a traditional favourite.

If you want to personalize the gift, consider selecting a necklace with a centre gemstone that is meaningful to you and your spouse. A necklace featuring your or your spouse's birthstone, for example, is a popular choice.

Anniversary Bracelets

tennis bracelet - Eshly Jewellery

Tennis bracelets are a jewellery staple and can instantly pull together any outfit. There are so many on-trend remixes of the classic tennis bracelet on the market.

You can opt to amplify sparkle with multiple rows of diamonds or add dimension with a diamond trio design. These are all sure to impress.

Anniversary Earrings

For a forever gift that she'll wear for years to come, diamond studs never go out of style. Diamonds are the strongest gemstone on earth, and they are a way to say your love is just as strong. Opt for a classic pair or go for or something modern or edgy. You can even wow her with a stunning pair of statement earrings. These decadent designs are guaranteed to turn heads when she wears them for a night out.

Anniversary Stones by Year

Many are familiar with traditional anniversary gifts, but did you know that there is also a gemstone or metal associated with each anniversary? This list of anniversary jewellery is endorsed by Jewellers of America.

Milestone Anniversary Jewellery Ideas

While every year of marriage is worthy of celebration, milestone anniversaries deserve extra attention. Here are some jewellery gift ideas for each milestone anniversary (typically every 5 years).

1: For the first wedding anniversary, gold jewellery is traditional. Gold as a metal symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The colour gold symbolizes passion, courage, and compassion, qualities any good marriage needs to succeed. For a classic one year anniversary jewellery idea, choose a jewellery piece in yellow, white, or rose gold.

5:Sapphires are the classic gift for celebrating five years of marriage. The stunning blue gemstone is durable and symbolizes the truth and loyalty of a marriage. A sapphire anniversary band is a classic gift that is sure to please. Sapphire pendants and earrings are also lovely, time-honoured gifts.

10: A ten-year wedding anniversary is a landmark occasion, so it naturally follows that the traditional gemstone is the diamond. Diamonds represent beauty and longevity- just like 10 years of marriage. It’s customary to give a diamond band, such as an eternity ring, for a 10 year anniversary jewellery gift, but you can choose another type of diamond jewellery to suite her taste.

15: To celebrate 15 years of marriage, ruby jewellery is customary. For centuries, rubies have symbolized prosperity and passion. At 15 years, a gift with ruby jewellery symbolizes your fiery love. The ruby’s bright red hue stands out on any type of jewellery and looks beautiful with a white, yellow, or rose gold setting. The ruby is often the center stone in vintage pieces. Check out these affordable waterdrop red zircon earrings- truly impressive.

20: The official gemstone of the 20th anniversary is the emerald, whose luminous green hue is recognized as the gemstone of royalty. Your 20-year journey together deserves the eye-catching look of the emerald. For a 20-year anniversary gift for her, add the sophisticated gemstone to your wife’s jewellery collection in the form of a stacking ring, bracelet, or pendant.  

Meaningful Anniversary Jewellery for Her that Will Last a Lifetime

These anniversary jewellery options should give you plenty of ideas for finding the perfect cherished gift. From rubies to diamonds to emeralds, you can vary the jewellery you give for every milestone anniversary and let your wife amass quite a collection of meaningful jewellery.

Next time you're shopping for anniversary jewellery, whether it's a milestone year or not, check out your budget friendly options at Eshly Jewellery. We have traditional styles and new, modern styles that are sure to keep her smiling from ear to ear. 

 Anniversary jewellery guide for husbands - Eshly Jewellery