Discover Six Trending Jewellery Styles for Winter 2022 

Trending Jewellery Winter 2022- Eshly Jewellery

As we head into the new year, it's time to talk about all the things that will be popular amongst the fashion scene for the year ahead.  The pandemic and Zoom have ushered in a new era of waist-up fashion that puts necklaces and earrings in the spotlight. 

Why not be a bit ahead of the fashion curve with these 6 Winter 2022 jewellery trends that will become part of your accessory rotation?    From bold statement pieces to fun charms, there’s something for everyone out there.  The list of 2022 jewellery trends is seriously stacked.  Just keep scrolling for all the convincing you’ll need.

1. Teen-Spirit Style

Did you think the Y2K trend was going anywhere?  The nostalgic style is still going strong.   While this teen-sprit style may not be as vivid and bright as when it first started trending, many brands have brought the nostalgic style back into more refined pieces.

Just what is Y2K Jewellery style?  

Y2K Jewellery refers to the bold-coloured jewellery style of late 90s and early 2000s. 

It includes:

  • Charms
  • Chains
  • Butterflies
  • Pearls
  • Hoops
  • Beads

The Y2K comeback proves once again the cyclical nature of fashion and design.  It brings back whimsical, cute, brightly-coloured jewellery that can be playful while showcasing personality. 

Is There Anything More Y2K Than the Butterfly? 

Check out this Butterfly Bangle bracelet for that gorgeous pop of Y2K nostalgia.

Butterfly bangle- Eshly Jewellery

Charms Galore

Charms aren’t just for wrists anymore.  Collect them and use them to adorn earrings or necklaces. 

2. Circles and Hoops Are Timeless

Hoop and circle earrings are a staple for pretty much anyone in love with jewelry, and for this reason, the trend is far-reaching. Be it big hoops or a bold circle drop pendant, the circle has risen to be the most popular shape to feature in trending jewelry designs.  Check out these Round CZ Drop Earrings.  Their timeless, elegant style will never disappoint.

Or check out this shiny Spiral Gold-Tone Pendant Necklace

Spiral CZ pendant- Eshly Jewellery

3. Oversized Statement Earrings

“More is more” is certainly a true sentiment for this accessory trend! Perhaps in response to Zoom-life, designers delved deep into the world of statement earrings for Winter 2022.  Dripping ornamental earrings that graze the shoulders are still obsessively popular, as long earrings still draw attention when appearing on camera.  

Winter trends '22, statement earrings - Eshly Jewellery

4. Chunky Gold and Chains

Gold jewelry is a staple for the fashion set, but the chain link was many designers' choice of style. Chain jewellery is definitely something to invest in this winter.   From elongated rectangular and oval links to entwined styles—chains continue to be popular in every classification of jewelry.  Chains can range from feminine and delicate to bold and chunky.  Check out this Gold Tone Chain Bracelet.  The clean, white diamond pave infuses the chain with an elegant vibe.

 Chunky chain bracelet- Eshly Jewellery

5. Pearl Power

Forever a classic, pearls are definitely on the agenda this season as trending jewellery.  Pearls come in all shapes and colors, play well with other gems, metals and materials, and can be quite affordable compared to other gemstones.  Pearl-adorned jewelry is fitting in the winter months as they match equally well to both cozy attire and party ensembles.  Pearl chokers, both single and multi-layered, are surging this season.

Winter trends '22, pearl chokers - Eshly Jewellery


For a more delicate look, check out this Gold Tone Knot Beaded Pendant Necklace.  It makes for the perfect winter necklace.

6. Garden Party

Flower jewellery can add a bright, playful vibe to your drab winter wardrobe.  What can be more optimistic than a budding, fresh bloom?  Channeling their desire for joy, designers have incorporated floral motifs into everything from oversized earrings to chainlink necklaces, in a variety of materials, including enamel-painted metal, fabric, and feathers. [add pic of trendy floral earrings]

Check out these elegant, sparkly Hollow Flower Drop Earrings.  The flower motif will dazzle up any winter outfit.

Shop the Trends With Eshly

Whether it’s the teen-vibe Y2K style or classic pearls, this year’s list of 6 top jewellery trends is sure to help you start shopping for the winter.  For more beautiful ideas of pieces in each category, go to EshlyJewellery and find something special today. 

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